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Antique Copper Engraving - "The Enchanted Castle", 1782

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Landscape with Psyche outside the Palace of Cupid ('The Enchanted Castle'), illustration from Book V of the 'Metamorphoses', (or 'Golden Ass') by Lucius Apuleius, after the painting in the National Gallery, London (NG 6471) from the Liber Veritatis; in foreground at right Psyche seated, the castle in the distance, the sea to left. Antique Copper Engraving - "The Enchanted Castle, from the Original Picture in the Collection of Nathaniel Chauncy, Esqr." by F, Woollett W Vivares after C Lorrain published 1782 by Vivares, 13 Great Newport Street.  Some foxing, original wood backed frame.