What’s in a Name?

It’s a logical question that I’ve thought about often since purchasing this business in July 2014. Nantucket Sewing & Design, aka The Sewing Center, had thirty years of business on Nantucket and many clients who knew it well. Why change a good thing?

The short answer: I want to offer Nantucket and More. 
As a long time summer visitor and only a recent “wash ashore”, I’ve always admired the way this island blends people and cultures, past and present, local and exotic, classic and innovative. If you start peeling back the layers, one realizes very quickly it isn’t all just beige, blue & white! And neither will be our offer.
So, while we will keep the NS&D association – our name and logo transitions to the photo enclosed.

Weatherly comes from a nautical term meaning “able to sail to weather without excessive leeway.” It’s an ambition of mine that clients will find working with or interacting with us – smooth sailing.

The Hippocampus? Well, I’ve always liked that image; that mythical half land animal, half sea creature; adaptable to both environments. And, adaptability is a good virtue – especially for those of us who choose to dwell on small islands.

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